• The sea cucumber aquaculture provides a high production to cover the increasing demand of this product from Asian countries. sea cucumber production is showed as a good option to decrease the fishery pressure on wild stocks and can also be considered a management tool for further restocking actions (if they are advisable).

  • Most of the sea cucumber stocks are depleted or overexploited around the world. A right stock assessment is mandatory previous to the development of a fishery focused on these target species; the establishment of a strict management of those fisheries is also advisable to avoid over-exploitation.

  • Improvements on sea cucumber aquaculture should be adding constantly through the research focused on new target species, diets and innovation on hatchery/nursery technologies to increase the survival rates and production, getting also higher quality and diversity on selling products.

  • Sea cucumber can be considered as new commercial resource on countries from Mediterranean and NE Atlantic coasts; same situation on some African and Central American countries. Scarce consultants specialized on this resource are available on these geographical areas, therefore it is necessary to train new people on sea cucumber aquaculture and fishery management fields.

  • Producing juveniles allocated to fattening in other companies.

  • Main product obtained from sea cucumber. Body wall of the animal eviscerated, clean, cooked and dried.