Aquaculture Activities

Sea Cucumber Aquaculture

Global fish production reached about 179 million tonnes in 2018 according last data provided by FAO (, with a total first sale value estimated at USD 401 billion, of which 82 million tonnes, valued at USD 250 billion, came from aquaculture production. Aquaculture accounted for 46 % of the total production and 52% of fish for human consumption.

Integrated Multitrophic Aquaculture (IMTA)

The farming in Cádiz Bay is based on extensive fish aquaculture, allowing the entry of natural recruitment with tides, and later closing the “esteros” for fish fattening, with periodical water renewal through floodgates equipped with nets to prevent the fish escapes. Fish grow fed exclusively on natural benthos, being caught at the end of autumn or early winter. The main commercial species produced in this polyculture system are mugilids, seabream, seabass and sole, plus eels, crabs and shrimps.


  • Producing juveniles allocated to fattening in other companies.

  • Main product obtained from sea cucumber. Body wall of the animal eviscerated, clean, cooked and dried.

  • Producing macroalgae for the formulation and preparation of dry diets.