About us

WANGUMAQUA SLU starts as a Mercedes Wangüemert’ personal project in 2022. This company is focusing its main activity on sea cucumber and macroalgae aquaculture, although some projects on integrated multitrophic aquaculture (IMTA) systems are also carried out.

The foundation of WANGUMAQUA SLU is the logic step followed by Dr. Wangüemert to consolidate her career, after 18 years of experience on Mediterranean and NE Atlantic sea cucumber aquaculture and fisheries.

WANGUMAQUA SLU has its main activity placed in Canary islands (NE Atlantic, Spain). This location was selected considering the optimal potential for sea cucumber aquaculture existing in those islands, mainly justified by the temperate/warm weather, constant and high water temperature, good quality of sea water, presence of several sea cucumber commercial species in the islands, optimal availability of infrastructures and services, and of course, tax advantages. Also, taking in account the particularities of aquaculture systems already working in Canary islands, WANGUMAQUA SLU has other market niches creating IMTA systems with fattening of sea cucumber juveniles and pre-adults linked with the fish cages, or co-culture of sea cucumber and green macroalgae.

However, WANGUMAQUA SLU is also developing projects in other locations including the South Spain (Cádiz), with co-culture of sea cucumber, green macroalgae and fish in estuaries and marshes (“esteros”), and pilot sea cucumber aquaculture projects in other countries from Mediterranean and Atlantic regions.

Dr. Mercedes Wangüemert